Quarantine Day #37



I should have started documenting quarantine on this blog so much sooner. We are approaching a month and a half soon and so little, yet so much has happened.

Personally, I am working on making a time capsule that will hold some of my blog posts, photos, random things that represent this time. I’ll either have it to look back as an old woman, or some future civilization will believe it to be a historical box from the distant past. Who the heck knows. Either way, I am going to be here, writing, working from home, and earning my college degrees finally. I am majoring in Health Administration, all the way up through my Masters Degree, and I’ll add Business Management to make that a Dual Master’s Degree. I should complete the program within five years.

The day-to-day, our new normal is so mundane for some, but I personally find it motivating. Knowing full well I am of the mentally ill category: major depressive order, generalized anxiety disorder, binge eating disorder, attention deficit disorder – inattentive type, hell, even addiction has been a part of my life at times, I know I have to keep my mind busy, motivated, and stimulated, or I will fall into a very dark place, very quickly, and it’ll take close to a miracle to pull me back out. I’ve been in those places, the darkest recesses of my mind, and I choose not to go there unless absolutely necessary. I’d do it for a book, just like many writer’s before me lost themselves at the bottom of a bottle, many of the greatest writers in history lived in constant emotional turmoil for one reason or another.

Other than what I hope to be daily posts here as I navigate this time with my little family, I’m doing a 45 day prompt challenge to help combat writer’s block. I usually keep things like this to myself but what the hell? Maybe this is the end of the world. In that case, who the fuck cares? If it’s not, then some of my work is out there. If it moves one person, that’s enough for me.

Lastly, for the next 26 days, I’d like to blog about myself and let those of you that read my work to get to know me a little better. 26 days, and 26 letters of the alphabet. The only rule is the blurb fact, story, whatever it may be, has to start with the coinciding letter of the alphabet. It should be fun & I’m excited to see what I come up with without such a specific plan. I’ve got enough plans between work and school. Maybe the issue is that I try to plan things too much. Maybe it’s why I’ve never finished a writing project I’ve started. I say I can’t. Someone close to me, who knows me, or a version of me, says to me, “Yes you can. You’re scared. You’re scared it won’t be good enough for anyone else. You’re scared it won’t be enough for you. ”

He’s right.

So here’s to just winging’ this blog & my writing just like I wing my eyeliner. For a little bit anyway.


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I'm Krissi. I'm in my 30's and for a while, life has been pretty boring but that's all about to change. This blog is dedicated to the real-time events of moving nearly half way across the country from Arizona to Nebraska to live out this adventure we call life with the man I love. It's going to be a wild ride & I couldn't be happier.

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