I Hate Clowns

This however, does not stop me from watching IT Over and over again.

For years I watched the miniseries on Halloween. In 2017,  I watched IT Cbapter One at the drive-in multiple times. I’m talking around ten. I became very quickly obsessed with the film. I added it to my collection when it was released to own.

Last the local theater played a re-release in preparation for the sequel, which I’ll be seeing Thursday night.

The funny part of all of this is I hate clowns. Yet I’m somehow obsessed with Pennywise. He’s creepy and witty and I am here for all of it.

When I was about three, my mom dressed me as a clown for Halloween. When she lifted me up to see myself in the mirror, I screamed bloody murder, and thus my fear of clowns was born.

What are some of your fears? Even if they’re silly like mine. 😂

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I'm Krissi. I'm in my 30's and for a while, life has been pretty boring but that's all about to change. This blog is dedicated to the real-time events of moving nearly half way across the country from Arizona to Nebraska to live out this adventure we call life with the man I love. It's going to be a wild ride & I couldn't be happier.

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