Saturdaze & Inner Turmoil

Long time, no blog?

If I had a dollar for every time I started a blog post or journal entry with some semblance of “I need to write more,” I would be able to quit my job and write full time. Here we are yet again, with a gap of several months since I last posted. I’d love to say I at least kept up on my journaling but that’s a negative too.

A lot has happened this year. I got married, switched careers & moved in that order, and all within a month of each other. I could so easily blame my lack of writing on all of that, but I won’t. This is my responsibility and I had time to plan for all of these things.

Instead, I let stress takeover, coped in some unhealthy ways and am now back to a place where I wish I’d kept trudging along after Nanowrimo last year. I let the stress of monotonous days take over and accomplish only the bare minimum. So I’m here picking myself up off the ground again, yearning to have a productive weekend filled with things I want to do.

I have a few plans.

1. Read through the story I started last November & try to push past the block. There’s good ideas there. It just needs more development.

2. Read. A lot. I started reading the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone this morning. I also have the urge to read some poetry as well as Looking For Alaska.

3. Set up my Bujo for the month of August. I just bought a new one and I’m excited to use it.

4. Begin the “100 Days of Productivity” challenge. Make a Bujo tracker as well as a blog post to update periodically. The catch is Productivity only applies to my would be writing career.

It looks like I’ve got work to do.

How is everyone? Link me to your must read posts in the comments.


Krissi Mae

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I'm Krissi. I'm in my 30's and for a while, life has been pretty boring but that's all about to change. This blog is dedicated to the real-time events of moving nearly half way across the country from Arizona to Nebraska to live out this adventure we call life with the man I love. It's going to be a wild ride & I couldn't be happier.

One thought on “Saturdaze & Inner Turmoil

  1. I totally understand where you’re at.
    My last year’s NaNoWriMo has been practically untouched since its end. I keep saying that I will pick it back up, but it just has not materialized yet. I think I will have to wait until November to actually work on the edits.
    Even though I’ve been blogging consistently this year, only recently did I decide to be more productive. But like you said – it starts and then it fizzles out and back to square 1.
    100 days of productivity sound promising. Good luck!


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