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Good Morning fellow readers, and happy Wednesday! We’re half way to the weekend!

Yesterday I posted chapter one of a story I’ve bee writing, and today I bring you chapter two.

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I reawoke with complete memory of what had happened with Evangeline. The room was empty, and the drapes had been drawn. The heavy bedding no longer felt comforting, but that was only because my existence felt comforting. This was definitely different. The rain still poured from the sky. Bright flashes of lightning lit of the night’s darkness and brought peace. I’d always been a lover of thunderstorms. At the next flash, I realized I wasn’t at ground level. I was at least ten stories up. I moved from underneath the blankets and that was when I realized I was naked. I guess some things never change I thought to myself. To my left I noticed clothing draped over the victorian couch. I walked over to it, realizing just how simple my movements were. Something was up. The mere thought of walking to the couch to look at the clothes made me appear there almost instantly. It wasn’t apparation or anything like that. I just got there so quickly. 

Laying over the back of the couch was a pair of black pants. The seams were perfectly ironed out and they lay flat. Next to it laid a white peasant top, very similar to the one Evangline had been wearing when she brought me the wine. There was no way that was wine. What was that? The collar of the shirt was perfectly ironed out like the seam of the pants. Ruffles donned the front of the shirt from top to bottom. Not really my thing, but okay. A velvet vest lay next to that. It was a dark purple at the collar, which was flipped up  and looked polyester. I only guessed this because it had some shine to it. The jacket was the same deep shade of purple, also velvet with the polyester collar. I realized then that the pants were the same deep shade of purple, not black. I reached out to feel the velvet of the jacket, and in that moment I began to see the changes my body had made.

My body fat percentage had very clearly decreased. The tops of my hands had very obvious veins. They popped compared to my figure as I was used to it. The veins continued up my arms. I peered at my biceps, which were absolutely larger than before. Everything was. My pectorals bulged and when I flexed them, they actually moved. I had mild chest hair, but nothing too overpowering. I had visible abs, a 12 pack. Below my belly button started my happy trail. The name is fitting. What I saw next definitely made me happy. Encoursed with a single vein was my now girthy cock. As a skinny white boy, I’d alwayd been endowed and taken most men, and the occasional woman by surprise, but nothing like this. My legs were strong and hard as steel and it didn’t stop there. My muscular stature seems to reach from my head to my toes. 

Above the mantle of the fireplace was a mirror. I glided towards it. The protruding veins in my arms and cock extended up my neck. My ginger hair was no longer a mangled mess. It held it’s same length, the tips resting on my ribcage. Half of it was up in a bun, and as much shit as I talked about fuckboys and their manbuns, I was really pulling this off. My green eyes were piercing and clear. Every crevice of the iris was visible. As someone who’s always been self conscious, I am unashamed to say I am feeling myself. 

I had to have grown overnight. I’d barely hit 6 feet before, but judging from the placement of the mirror above the mantle, I was sitting at at least 6’4”. I flexed in the mirror, watching my biceps bulge, and I was pleased. I took the clothes from the couch and put them on. I didn’t know where I was or where I was going, but I couldn’t give a shit. This is the best I’d ever felt, and I wasn’t even high. 

I spent most of my life homeless, hustling just so I could eat. I was born with scoliosis and diagnosed as a child with lumbar disease. On top of that, I had chronic asthma. I’d done more drugs in the last month than most people see in their lifetime, and spent more nights sleeping on pavement. This left me in constant pain, but today, that all seemed to have vanished and I was quite literally a new man. 

What was with this insatious burning In my throat? Evangeline had made it go away before. I hoped she’d do it again. I needed to find her, but was sure clothing would be appreciated. I dressed myself faster than I ever had and wondered if Evangeline would be hard to find. 

I heard the doorknob turn and in walked Evangenline. The timing was so impeccable, it was as if she heard me thinking. She wore the same outfit as before, only the corset was dark purple to match my outfit. Did she do that on purpose? “Oh, Kai, you look ravishing. You clean up quite nicely!” She squeaked. Her voice sounded very high pitched compared to the last time we’d met. 

“Evangaline, right?” I knew her name. I couldn’t forget the name of such an angel. Though, if I really thought about it, vixen was more of an apropriate term. She was flawless, and she knew it. She was an island and a mermaid tail short of a siren. But, I couldn’t blame her. After checking myself out, I knew I was flawless too. 

“Yes. And you’re Kai. What do you remember?” 

Not a lot and I didn’t care to remember based on the memories I did have. “I remember some. Laying on the ground with only a piece of an old cardboard box that once belonged to a refrigerator between my frail body and the icy cement. I had a few trash bags on top of me to try to keep warm. I was coming down from something and it was…less than pleasant.”

She didn’t speak, simply nodded. 

“Next I remember Dirk and his gang circling me. I asked them once to leave me be, but I didn’t have energy for anything else. Next thing I know I’m being kicked and beat with a baseball bat. It was painful but in comparison to what I was already feeling, I opted to let them beat me to death. Somehow I ended up here.”

“You were just going to let those thugs kill you?” She looked surprised. As if I’d given up too easily. She clearly knew nothing of my life.

“I haven’t had what you’d call a good life. I’m a drug addict, constantly in and out of rehab for various drugs. My parents were murdered when I was a child and I grew up in the system. Most foster parents these days unfortunately couldn’t give two shits about the kids they take in. It’s all about the money for them. They wait for the first of the month like the second coming of christ.”

Evangeline winced. “We don’t say that name here. Please continue.”

“My last foster home left me living with Dirk the jerk. His Mom relied on those checks for her medications. She was a hypocondriac worse than I’ve ever seen. I hated her more than him I think. If you’re going to be a drug addict, be honest with yourself and live a junkie life like the rest of us. But as bad as she was, his Dad was worse. “

Evangeline wore confsion on her face. “I don’t know if the so called drugs you used are contributing to your choice of vocabulary, but what does hypocondriac mean?”

She had to be joking. Who doesn’t know what hypocondria is? What a shame. As beautiful as she is, it was clear she got all the beauty and none of the brains. But, I was in a good mood, so I was nice. “Hyponcodria just means that someone has a lot of anxiety about their health, and that causes them to self diagnose a lot of issues they don’t actually have.” 

“Oh Kai,” she held pity in her voice. “What you are describing is hysteria, and from the sound of it, it is not being treated properly.” 

“Hysteria is actually very close in definition to depression, which is one of the illnesses she seeks treatment for. I think it’s one of the only ailiments she actually has.” 

“Yes, but is it the correct treatment? Is she receiving doses of Heroin? Is she using her dildo or having intercourse regulary?” Much to my shock and disappointment, she was completely serious in her questions.

“Is she shooting up Heroin? What the fuck, Evangeline? No she din’t “receive” her smack dosage.” I was heated. I’d spent too many nights laying in dumpsters just to have somewhere warm to sleep after shooting up. “She takes a bunch of pills prescribed by her Doctor, not any of the good stuff. 

“Oh honey” she laughed. “You must not know the opium plant is a miracle worker.”

I was dumbfounded. I stared at her, my mouth hanging open. Was she serious? She couldn’t be serious. “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS.” It was clear she was and I needed time to process so I changed the subject. “What is this place anyway? And why am I dressed like this? 

“I was wondering when you would start asking the proper questions.” 

The proper questions? Why did she talk that? She was so prim, and, well, proper.

“You are in Moonnspire, Kai. Allistair brought you here  after he saved your life. I guess Dirk and his buddies really did a number on you. He said you were within inches of your life when he found you.

“Who is Allistair and where did he find me? Downtown above the subway?” I really was curious as to where I ended up after Dirk kicked me in the stomach so hard I blacked out.

“Downtown? Again with your peculiar vocabulary. You were left for dead beneath the gallows. Allistair went outside, with his escort for his nightly walk. He wanted a new slave, as the last one had become useless to him. 

“None of this is real Evangeline. Can’t you see it?”

“Real? You want real? Alright. You of course will fail to remember any of what’s happened so far. You’ll wake up confused and alone. What’s more real than that.”

Fuck, this is the weirdest dream I’d ever had.

“Go lay down on the bed so you don’t hurt yourself when I snap you back.”

“So you’re admitting this isn’t real?” I asked.

“I am saying things are as real as you want them to be, so yes, elements of the here and now may be plagiarized.”

I’d made my way over to the bed. I removed my clothes. There was no way I’d be able to sleep in any of that. Evangaline walked over to me. She gazed into my soul with her piercing red eyes. 

“You’re going to regret this, but Father will be so very pleased.”

Before I could even open my mouth to breathe a word, she had pressed the tip of her finger to my forehead, and all I saw was darkness.

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